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build a website in WordPress

The generations that grew up without any of the current technology can find the speed of its development quite intimidating. If you had said to me when I was in my twenties that I would soon be able to interact with people all over the globe from my own computer, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you had said to me a year ago that I could build a website in under 30 seconds, I would have had the same reaction. However, I was able to do it and I will even show you a video of how it can be done. If you are thinking about earning an income online, it is important to have a website of your own.

The WordPress Advantage
Go back ten years and building a website was a technical process. A good computer, expensive software, programming skills and more were required to build even the most basic website. When WordPress came along, it revolutionized the way things worked. It provided a powerful and well supported framework for people to create their own blogs and websites. Millions of people took advantage of this. However, some technical knowledge was still needed to install WordPress websites. I battled along on my own, making many mistakes and never having much success.  I loved the idea of having my own website but I knew I needed some help.

Success with WordPress Express
It was only when I joined Wealthy Affiliate that my technological inabilities no longer mattered. Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, created a website builder in 2010 and released in within Wealthy Affiliate, calling it WordPress Express. It provides an efficient way to build a website for those who are technologically challenged. I was intimidated by terms like FTP, databases, DNS, Domain Registrars, HTLM, PHP etc. They frightened me off completely, so I was thrilled to learn that I did not have to bother about them when setting up my website within Wealthy Affiliate.

I did it in less than 30 seconds and YOU can do it too. Simply click on the video below and allow Kyle to walk you through the process of installing a WordPress website from scratch. He names his website, chooses his theme and installs it on this video – just watch it and you will want to try it yourself.

build a wordpress site over 50

Set up your own niche WordPress website for FREE!
All you have to do to build your website is to create a free starter account at Wealthy Affiliate. In less than 5 minutes from now you can have your very own niche WordPress website. It was quite intriguing to me to see websites being set up by fellow members of Wealthy Affiliate in so many different fields, from baby products to auto spares. I was also blown away by the support available within the community from other members and the amount of training available to help you build out your site. The incredible support after you have built the framework of your website is what makes Wealthy Affiliate so worthwhile and distinguishes it from many other options out there in the internet jungle.

I would love to hear your comments once you have tried this out. Was it as easy or even easier than you expected?


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