Make your first affiliate sale on Pinterest in 24 hours

When I saw the title of the ebook ” How to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours using Pinterest” my interest was piqued.  Pinterest is my favourite platform and I can spend hours pinning but I have never focused on making affiliate sales from it.  It was the claim that you could make your first sale in 24 hours that persuaded me to give the ebook a try.  Most people take months to achieve any success. Making such a statement had a boldness to it that appealed to me and, of course, it is also a claim that is easy to prove or disprove. affiliate sale ebook

It had taken me about six months to make my first sale as an affiliate marketer. It seemed incredible that people were able to make sales so quickly on Pinterest. Obviously there was much I needed to learn about how to use Pinterest as a marketing platform.  Today many bloggers are sharing exactly how they earn money and even declare their monthly income on their blogs. I have discovered that if you don’t glean from the experience of others, you are just trying to reinvent the wheel. I am on a mission to find out exactly what makes some bloggers really successful so I can implement their strategies.  This ebook promised results and so I was happy to pay my $25 and receive the download.

Elise McDowell consistently makes over $500 a month from Pinterest and she shares her strategies and tips in this ebook. She does presuppose some knowledge of affiliate marketing and Pinterest. If you do not have this knowledge, she admits that it could take longer than 24 hours to make a sale, with the benefit that once you have your strategies in place, you can generate money on autopilot for years to come. You need to have an affiliate product to sell and a Pinterest profile.

I am already an affiliate marketer and I generate money from my blog this way. I receive commission from the sales I make by recommending products or services that I love.  When I sign up as an affiliate, I get a special link that I add to my blog and that is the way my affiliate income is tracked.  I also have a Pinterest profile already and pin to a number of boards. For those who are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing and Pinterest, links are provided in the book to helpful resources.

What I like about this book was that it is not too complicated. It’s a quick read and provides simple, clear strategies that are easy to follow.  It wasn’t long before I was all set to starting implementing the strategies.

buy your copy nowUntil I have the time to create my own ebooks, becoming an affiliate for other ebook creators is a great affiliate opportunity. If you have read an awesome ebook or taken a really helpful course that has helped you to increase your profits, find out if the author has an affiliate programme you can join.









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