living will

How to create a living will

When you create a living will, you take responsibility for the manner in which you choose to die. It comes into effect when you are no longer able to voice your own wishes or make your own decisions.  Everyone has…
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How to check keyword ranking in Google

Writing a blog without using targeted keywords is like trying to kick a ball between the goalpost without taking aim.  Keywords are the words that searchers type into search engines to find information. The general idea is to use keywords…
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makeup for women over 50

Best makeup for women over 50

When makeup is applied using the correct techniques and products, it enhances our natural looks. When it is applied with a heavy hand, particularly when we are older, it can add years to our faces.  For a woman of over…
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coconut oil and hair growth

Coconut oil and hair growth

Coconut oil has been used on hair for thousands of years to help keep it strong, nourished and protected.  Excessive use of hair products can strip away natural oils in the hair, leaving it weakened, damaged and dull. When hair…
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How to write a blog post: the 10 basic steps

Bloggers can get so carried away trying to outdo the competition that they forget about the basics. You can be as creative as possible but why ignore principles that are proven to work. 1. Hook them with your headline Your…
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flower in desert

A way in the wilderness

This desert road seems endless, Lord but in Your mercy You reminded me “I will make you a way in the wilderness, a river in the desert.” I was sitting in the veld Dry, arid, filled with rocks, sun beating…
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A trip down the garden route in South Africa

The garden route  is a must-see for any visitor to South Africa. Lakes, lagoons and long, white beaches are dotted along the route and from Wilderness to Knysna, indigenous forests offer a different kind of allure. When my sister planned…
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10 quotes about embracing change to inspire you

Change is unavoidable and occurs as a natural part of life.  Sometimes it takes place gradually but at other times it is more like a tsunami triggered by factors like broken relationships, a tragedy or a new opportunity.  Here are…
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Recovering from rejection after divorce

After a divorce, feelings of rejection are common. When a long-term relationship comes to an end, the pain of rejection is often severe for the person who has been left.  It may be unreasonable for the person to feel this…
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love tough

Tough love for adult children

From the time our children go to kindergarten, we begin the process of letting go as we surrender them to the influence of others.  We let go of them a little more as each year passes. When they leave home…
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How to start a copywriting business

Copywriters are more in demand today than ever before. A copywriter, in the simplest terms, is someone who can write persuasively. Companies need the skills of copywriters to present their products and services to clients in such a way that…
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10 questions to ask yourself before starting a blog

Blogging is subjective and every potential blogger asks different questions. It is also personal and every blogger would probably give different answers to the questions asked. Thinking about what you want to blog about and why you want to do…
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Celebrate your life with an ’emptynestcation’

A survey commissioned by British Airways and conducted by Censuswide recently found that travel habits of parents change when their children leave home. One trend was for them to travel further afield, trying out new destinations. The survey also revealed…
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10 small bathroom storage solutions

If you have downsized from a large home with a few bathrooms to an apartment with one small one, you may find it difficult to adjust. There are so many little odds and ends like razors, makeup, hairbrushes and toilet…
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Suitcase packing tips and tricks

Buying a lightweight suitcase usually makes great sense until you try to pack. Then reality hits and you realize it takes some skill to pack in a limited space. For those of us who remember lugging around huge, unwieldy suitcases…
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energy-efficient home

Small, modern, energy-efficient homes

The trend towards smaller, greener homes is growing. Downsizing and creating an eco-friendly home is probably not as difficult as you imagine. You may think that it will take up too much time, energy and money. You may imagine that…
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The best travel suitcases for seniors

If you are over 50 with time on your hands, good health and some disposable income, you are likely to want to travel. One of the most important decisions you have to make is about what luggage to choose. Make…
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pomegranate for anti-aging

Fight aging with pomegranite power

Many of us have been introduced to the health benefits of pomegranates. However, it is only recently that a study has revealed the anti-aging potential of this superfruit. Modern scientists have managed to prove what ancient physicians believed – that…
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what is in green tea?

What is in green tea?

Green tea, like black tea,  is made from the Camellia sinensis shrub. The major difference between the two types comes in the processing method. For green tea, the leaves are picked and sent straight off to be steamed or dried…
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