Ellen Grey Corner Desk

5 corner desks for small spaces

When you have lived in a large home for many years and decide to downsize, you may need to adopt some strategies and solutions to help you make the best use of your small space.  There is certainly no reason…
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The Way Forward review

The Way Forward is a presentation of biblical principles in simple, easy to understand form. It is not intended to be a theological discourse but introduces 120 topics, accompanied by scriptural references. Who is it for? It can be daunting…
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My father and his journey of faith

Nothing prepares you for the sense of loss you feel when a parent dies. I was devastated when my father, Ryall John Erfmann,  died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 77. My parents were on their way…
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how to move forward after divorce

How to move forward after divorce

When you lose a loved one, you expect to experience grief and those around you expect it too and offer comfort.  However, many people do not realize that you also go through grief after a divorce.  Even if you are…
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2breathe review – breathe yourself to sleep

Many sleeping apps have been developed to address insomnia using music, meditation, hypnosis, sleep-tracking etc. What sets 2breathe apart is that it’s essentially your own breathing that creates the tones used to guide you to sleep.  In this 2breathe review…
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What is the best natural deodorant?

It is natural for our bodies to sweat and the sweat glands in our armpits play an essential role in temperature regulation. Our sweat is odorless.  It is the bacteria on the skin that cause the smell.  An antiperspirant works…
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can sunscreen cause cancer

Can sunscreen cause cancer? True or false

Can sunscreen cause cancer? This question may be raised by those who wonder why skin cancer is more evident today despite the fact that so many sunscreens exist.  The answer to this question is important – if it is true,…
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The best anti-ageing skin care

Facial ageing is inevitable as you grow older but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your best to delay or prevent it as far as possible. Your skin ages according to your lifestyle choices as well as your skin type…
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Skin Medica Retinol Complex .25 review

Retinol is an ingredient in many skincare products but not all of these products are created equal. Skin Medica Retinol Complex .25 is one of the better ones. It contains an effective amount of retinol and the product is packaged…
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Anti-ageing skin products: 10 myths busted

Open any fashion or beauty magazine and you are bombarded with advertising for cosmetic companies. Hope is sold in a jar and anti-ageing skin products are claimed by manufacturers’ to have almost miraculous qualities. All too often, their claims are…
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time for change

Thriving in an empty nest

Bringing up children is often an all-consuming, unselfish phase of life. This is why when our children leave home it can be so hard to readjust and settle into the next phase. Some children stay close, taking more and more…
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What is self-pity and why is it addictive?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines self-pity as “a self-indulgent dwelling on your own sorrows or misfortunes”.   Here are some of the reasons why self-pity is so destructive: It is addictive. You want people to feel sorry for you. It becomes a…
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better writer

How to become a better writer

When I began writing for a living,  I had an issue that hampered my progress.  Time and time again, my mindset held me back. So, what was this mindset that was so destructive? My own self-doubt.  I felt that I…
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Grammarly review for bloggers

In writing this Grammarly review for bloggers, I will offer my honest opinion based on my usage of this tool over the past few years.  Many bloggers do not have a whole team of people helping them to proofread and…
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blogging tools and resources for beginners

Blogging tools and resources for beginners

When you first start building a website, the amount of information available can be very intimidating. You may be persuaded by excellent marketers that you need to purchase all kinds of tools and resources that are not really necessary. When…
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How to make lemonade with real lemons

In Beyonce’s new album, ‘Lemonade’ she voices the well-known maxim “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. She also includes a recipe on how to make lemonade in a spoken-word segment on the album: “Take one pint of water, add…
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Love: letting go, fear and freedom

Many of us know the Khalil Gibran quote “If you love somebody, let them go ….”. We don’t usually think of applying it to letting go of our children as they begin to mature. It is perfectly natural for us…
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A present of time on Mother’s Day

When your children are small, they usually come home from school with a handmade card or special poem for Mother’s Day.  I still have the card my daughter brought home in her first year at school with her tiny hand…
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