house fly

How to get rid of flies in the house

Flies seem to buzz around our kitchens all summer long. They are attracted by smells coming from items such as leftovers, rotting fruit and open food containers. When they sit on open food they leave bacteria behind that can transmit…
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start a business at 60

Start a business at 60

Is youth the secret to success when it comes to being an entrepreneur? The truth is that entrepreneurial drive probably depends more on your personality than your age. In fact age offers the advantage of experience that often outweighs youthful…
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small home decor ideas

10 small home decorating ideas

Just because you are downsizing your home does not mean you have to sacrifice on style.  In fact, it is easier to decorate a smaller home (less quantity so more quality!)  and style will always win out over mere size. …
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homemade cleaning products

6 Homemade cleaning products that work

Many common household products contain ingredients that can affect your health. In small amounts these ingredients may not cause problems but the risks come when you are exposed over time and in combinations that have not yet been studied. The…
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sorrow and joy

Don’t judge empty nesters who feel sad!

The word ‘whine’ immediately evokes images of a child complaining in an annoying way.  Nobody wants to listen to people who whine and complain about their circumstances, no matter how dire. However, I recently came across a blog with the…
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empty nesting in India

Empty nest families in India

Does empty nesting only apply in Western cultures?  This question is asked because in many other cultures it is common for adult children to continue living with parents and grandparents.  Some research being done in India is very interesting because…
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What is the difference between mind and brain?

The question about the difference between mind and brain has been debated by scientists, theologians and philosophers for centuries. The functions of the mind and the brain are so interwoven that it is hard to separate them, despite the fact…
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dads and empty nest

Do dads experience empty nest syndrome?

In his book, Love Life, Rob Lowe expresses what he felt when his sons left the nest. He says “I’m trying to remember when I felt like this before. Like an el­ephant is sitting on my chest, like my throat is…
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garden ideas for small spaces

5 garden ideas for a small space

One of the fears people have when downsizing their home is that they will miss their large gardens. Moving to an apartment or a home with a small patch of garden can be quite an adjustment. However, there are many…
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Ellen Grey Corner Desk

5 corner desks for small spaces

When you have lived in a large home for many years and decide to downsize, you may need to adopt some strategies and solutions to help you make the best use of your small space.  There is certainly no reason…
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The Way Forward review

The Way Forward is a presentation of biblical principles in simple, easy to understand form. It is not intended to be a theological discourse but introduces 120 topics, accompanied by scriptural references. Who is it for? It can be daunting…
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My father and his journey of faith

Nothing prepares you for the sense of loss you feel when a parent dies. I was devastated when my father, Ryall John Erfmann,  died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 77. My parents were on their way…
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how to move forward after divorce

How to move forward after divorce

When you lose a loved one, you expect to experience grief and those around you expect it too and offer comfort.  However, many people do not realize that you also go through grief after a divorce.  Even if you are…
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2breathe review – breathe yourself to sleep

Many sleeping apps have been developed to address insomnia using music, meditation, hypnosis, sleep-tracking etc. What sets 2breathe apart is that it’s essentially your own breathing that creates the tones used to guide you to sleep.  In this 2breathe review…
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What is the best natural deodorant?

It is natural for our bodies to sweat and the sweat glands in our armpits play an essential role in temperature regulation. Our sweat is odorless.  It is the bacteria on the skin that cause the smell.  An antiperspirant works…
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