mother-son relationship

Do you have unhealthy mother-son relationships?

The relationship between a mother and son is a complex one. While a son is growing up and learning independence, a mother’s loving support and nurturing is essential.  However, there are circumstances in which the mother-son relationship becomes distorted and…
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15 inspirational quotes for Empty Nesters

Here are 15 inspirational quotes for empty nesters to help them let go, move on and embrace the new phase in their lives. Our constant involvement in our children’s lives is what helps us to do our parenting job well…
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Think before you make that call

These five tips can help you to keep the right kind of contact with adult children who have recently flown the nest. When your adult child leaves home, both you and your child go through a period of weaning.  All…
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depressed woman

5 causes of empty nest syndrome depression

The causes of empty nest syndrome depression may seem self-evident but it’s worth thinking about them because understanding more about them may help you to make more sense of this phase of your life.  When your whole life has revolved…
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improve self-esteem

Learn how to build self-esteem

Self-esteem doesn’t have much to do with your ability or talents. It has everything to do with what you feel about yourself. It can afflict anyone – even those who seem to have everything going for them. Many of us…
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Saying goodbye never gets easier

After a weekend of sewing curtains, packing and washing clothing, my daughter finally left for university once again after a three month holiday. An entourage of three cars set off, loaded with her possessions.  I have repeated this process for…
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Singles Holidays: over 50 and ready to travel

Many empty nesters take the opportunity to travel once their children have left home.  They are healthy, have some disposable income and want to enjoy life while they can. Some of them have even sold their homes and all their…
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board games for adults

Improve your brain health performance

When researching a previous post called Do brain development games really make a difference? my opinion was confirmed that playing board games is not just entertaining but can improve your brain function too. Our brains need exercise just like our bodies if they are to remain sharp…
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My precious daughter is home for a season

My empty nest has been full for the holidays. As I sit down to write this, my daughter will soon be returning to university to do her honours in Psychology. She completed her degree at the end of last year,…
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Are you struggling to succeed at online marketing?

If you are struggling to succeed at online marketing, here is a list of ten points for you to think about in 2016. You may already be applying some of these strategies and principles successfully. Others, such as your SEO strategies, need to…
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A behind-the-scenes look at making a gallery wall

I have not been entirely honest about my attempts at making a gallery wall and I have decided to come clean. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at what really happened: Bright idea number 1 – I decided not to use nails. I had read about how…
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A broken heart – a mother’s pain on parting

I found the poem below in a book by Shelley Bovey  The Empty Nest: When Children Leave Home.  It is a beautiful poem that describes a broken heart – a mother’s pain on parting. It reminded me of an article I read in…
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Bible verses for anxiety

There are many verses in the Bible dealing with anxiety for a very good reason – not many people can claim to be anxiety free.  Worry, anxiety, and fear can control us to the extent that it affects every move…
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Unique gifts for adult children

When your children are small, buying gifts is easy. Every toy store is overflowing with all kinds of items that would make them happy. Looking for unique gifts for adult children is harder. I like to think about what would help…
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