Change brain pathways – get rid of that negative bias

According to neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, humans evolved to be fearful – this helped keep our ancestors alive. He says “understanding how your brain became so vigilant and wary, and so easily hijacked by alarm, is the first step toward gaining…
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10 Bible verses for depression

If you are looking for Bible verses for depression, there are many to be found. I have selected just 10 verses that were  helpful to me when I was suffering from depression. Many great men and women, including those found…
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eating alone

How to enjoy eating alone

When you live on your own, you may feel that you will never learn how to enjoy eating alone, especially if you are used to huge family dinners around the dining room table. The steady flow of chatter about the…
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When you’re missing your children ….

  REALIZE that it is something that affects most parents when one or more of the children leave home. RECOGNISE that it often occurs at the same time as other life changes such as menopause, ill-health and retirement. There may…
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5 simple actions to improve your day

Some little actions on a daily basis go a long way towards improving your day. Before you know it, they will become daily habits: Drink a glass of warm water with lemon and wait about 15 minutes before eating breakfast.…
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empty nest

What is ’empty nest’ syndrome?

Much has changed in the years since the term was first coined in the 1970s and some studies have suggested that the transition is much easier now with some parents getting a new lease on life when their children leave…
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