Bible verses for anxiety

coloring pages for anxietyThere are many verses in the Bible dealing with anxiety for a very good reason – not many people can claim to be anxiety free.  Worry, anxiety, and fear can control us to the extent that it affects every move we make. This is particularly true when we focus on events going on in the world today – wars, terrorism, violence, crime, unemployment … the list goes on and on. We worry about our finances, our families, our health … in fact we will always be able to find something to worry about. However, worry cannot change anything – it only makes things worse. We often worry endlessly about the ‘what if’s’ that may never even take place. When you begin to worry, it has a way of spiraling out of control and that is why I decided to offer you a FREE PDF  containing Bible Verses for Anxiety and coloring pages.  The verses are taken from the American Standard Version. I have included a coloring page to help you relax. The therapeutic benefit of coloring is well documented. I believe that if you color a page while meditating on the specific verse, there is more chance of absorbing the words as you are more relaxed and you mind is more receptive.
Empty Nesters may be particularly subject to the following anxieties when their children leave home:

Anxiety about your children
You may have faith that you raised your offspring well and that they will be able to cope with what life brings their way. Even so, the realization that you can no longer protect them in the same way may cause anxiety.  You may worry that you have not taught them enough and that they are not ready to cope on their own. Remember that you are still able to help them and be there for them, even if they are no longer living at home. It may not be as hands-on as before but that does not make it any less significant. You may have to offer more emotional support now, rather than physical support. After all, they are facing situations out in the big, wide world they may never have encountered before and those cell phone conversations may be a lifeline for them at times. I know my daughter often called me in those first weeks when she was away from home. I loved hearing from her and she seemed to value my advice. She began to call less as she found her feet but I worried less too as I realized she was coping pretty well on her own.

Anxiety about being alone with your husband
When your children are born, they become the focus of attention. Once you have raised them and they have left, you may look at one another and wonder why you are still together. However, you may grab the opportunity to discover one another again and experience a whole new honeymoon period in the relationship. Unfortunately, my marriage did not survive the empty nest.  I faced the double whammy of having an empty nest and going through a divorce at the same time. 

Anxiety about living alone
Most of us do not have a moment to ourselves when our children are growing up. As the children grow up and they need less and less from you in terms of physical effort, the more time you have. Sometimes this creates a void in your life. Many people manage to fill that void but it may take time. Those who end up spending too much time alone tend to battle more with anxiety. They have too much time to worry.

Anxiety about your identity
A major driving force in the life of a parent is the well-being of their children. In fact, some of you feel that your reason for living is to raise children. So, what happens when they leave? Inevitably, you go through a period of adjustment that brings with it some anxiety. You may feel adrift and anxious for quite a while after your children have left home.

Other anxieties
Women are often going through menopause at the same time as experiencing an empty nest, and this adds to the stress. Aging parents are another factor that comes into the mix. Sometimes people go straight from caring for their kids to caring for their ailing parents.

Signs that you may need counseling, medication or both:

  • spending most of your time alone when you are sociable by nature
  • crying often
  • spending most of the time thinking about your children
  • having thoughts about your children being in danger
  • battling with insomnia or sleeping too much
  • under or overeating
  • constantly feeling panicky when you are alone

If you are experiencing some or all of these signs, don’t try to tough it out – get some help. At this point, your anxiety has gone too far and it becomes increasingly difficult to get out of the negative cycle. You can can even get help with online counseling where discreet, convenient and affordable advice is available. You will complete a questionnaire, get matched with one of the many counselors and start a seven day free trial. If your anxiety has not gone this far, meditating on Bible verses for anxiety can help to break the habit of worrying.

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