Job opportunities for over 50s

INCOMEIf you have spent years raising a family and have always put the needs of others ahead of your own, it is easy to feel redundant once they grow up and leave home. The good news is that job opportunities for over 50s do exist. The mothering role that gave you your sense of purpose may not be as intensive as it once was, but you now have the chance to discover new sides to your character. You may find out, for example, that you love sharing with people online about your hobby and before you know it you can leverage this to create an income opportunity.

Moms who worked part-time while their children were growing up may decide to return to work full time. Those who already worked full time have an opportunity to put more time and energy into their jobs. However, for all those stayed at home whilst raising their children, the dilemma of what to do once their kids leave home can be challenging. In Britain, government figures reveal that many people over the age of fifty have started taking up apprenticeships in administration, business and law. Matthew Hancock, the skills minister, encouraged them to do so and they took his advice, not just settling down to retire but challenging young apprentices for their jobs.

Age Discrimination?
I played a supportive role to my ex-husband in his business and when the business failed and he left, I felt totally unprepared to enter the job market once again. I must add that I acted as an administrative manager for his business and that this role was way down on the list of my desired jobs or set of skills. When I decided that I never wanted to have a job involving figures ever again,  I knew that my age and lack of current experience would limit my job opportunities. I don’t feel old and still believe I have a valuable contribution to make. However, I was shocked to realize that age discrimination still apparently exists. I began to realize that I had to begin looking at different types of opportunities that were still open to me.

A worldwide digital economy gives hope
I realized that I was far more fortunate than those of previous generations who may have faced the same dilemma. A rapidly growing worldwide digital economy is bringing with it many new opportunities. I am glad I am no longer restricted to traditional roles and opportunities. I still have the option of learning many new skills and taking full advantage of the growing digital marketplace. As I embrace this concept, I have hope that my earning days are far from over, unlike my predecessors who exited the job market at about 65 and lived on retirement savings from then on.

Work from home
Another great advantage is that I can do all kinds of jobs and I don’t even need to leave my home to do them. I can write articles, do data entry, complete surveys, do mystery shopping, trade, market products or services and even start up a new business. Working from home has the added advantage of not having to travel to work and for some jobs all you need is a computer and internet access.

Get-rich-quick schemes and online scams
I was initially very skeptical about online opportunities. I seemed to come across so many schemes where I was required to hand over money in exchange for some kind of system that I could set up and watch as my bank balance grew. As soon as I was promised that I could earn millions without any effort, I would click away. I began to doubt that I would be able to earn an income online. It is difficult to sift through all the scams and find legitimate opportunities. However, persistence reveals that they do exist.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities
One of the opportunities that I initially discounted was affiliate marketing. I thought this would take too much work in an unfamiliar field. I did not realize then that it was possible to receive all the training you needed from seasoned professionals. These people never suggested that you could earn tons of money without working hard. However, if you were prepared to work at it and follow advice, this was a legitimate opportunity. I could work from home and create an income stream that would benefit me for years to come. I realized that many people were achieving success at generating a permanent, stable income in this way.

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is when you come in as the “middle man” between the seller and the buyer. You sell other people’s services or products. You do not have to keep stock, handle goods or deal with shipping. Your income comes from earning a commission. Say, for example, Beauty Products Inc. sells beauty products. You promote their products and the company receives an order as a result of your promotion. The company sends off the product and you receive commission from the sale. You do not have the expense of having a store, you have a global market and your business operates 24 hours a day. You do not have to deal with customers directly as systems are designed to handle the transactions.

What is your role?
Firstly, don’t think that you have to have any technical experience. I am ‘technologically challenged’ but access to tutorials, marketing tools, and many different apps are designed to make the process easier for beginners, even those with minimal experience. All you really need is motivation, commitment, and some good mentors. Just about anyone with access to the internet and a computer can become an online entrepreneur. Your role is to make a decision about who to target and what products you want to promote to them. Once you have made this decision, you need to find a reputable program to receive the right education as this will help you to save time and avoid mistakes. If you want to start receiving income instantly, then this online option is the wrong choice for you. If you are prepared to invest the effort and the time, you can be successful.

The internet is changing so much about the way we live. It pays to be educated in ways to benefit from the changes. Acquiring these skills is not difficult, no matter what your age. All that is needed is patience, determination and a drive to succeed.

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