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What is the best natural deodorant?

what is the best natural deodorantIt is natural for our bodies to sweat and the sweat glands in our armpits play an essential role in temperature regulation. Our sweat is odorless.  It is the bacteria on the skin that cause the smell.  An antiperspirant works by plugging up your sweat glands so you don’t sweat. Deodorants do not stop you from sweating but target the bacteria that cause the smell.

I have only recently made the decision that I no longer want to use antiperspirants. I don’t like the idea of toxins accumulating instead of being perspired out of my body  and it does not make sense to apply products containing questionable ingredients every day of your life. Perhaps I have taken longer than most to arrive at this conclusion because I didn’t believe that natural deodorants really worked. Who wants to throw out your antiperspirant if you have to avoid going near anyone else because of your ripe body odour!  However, natural deodorants appear to have come a long way over the past few years and so I decided to find out more. (more…)