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A free eye exam online does not replace an in-person eye exam

online eye testAn eye test reveals much more about your health than just the state of your vision. Many websites today give you the option of testing online  for nearsightedness, distance vision and even for age-related macular degeneration. However, an online eye vision test does not replace going for regular eye tests at an optometrist. It is very important to have your eyes tested at least every two years by an optometrist, particularly as you grow older.

When my children noticed that my head was practically hitting my computer screen in my attempts to see, they urged me to go and have an eye test. I realized that it had been about five years since my previous test. Lack of time and the cost of an appointment are just some factors that prevent people from getting regular check-ups. Online eye tests are convenient and may be free but they do not replace comprehensive, in-person eye tests. (more…)