Marriage and divorce

With the phase of empty nesting comes a new challenge in marriages. In many cases, the couple rediscover why they fell in love in the first place. They have time to devote to one another and this draws them closer than ever. They enjoy eating out, traveling and indulging in many activities they did not find time for when their children were growing up. It is a wonderful period of rediscovery that can lead to many new adventures and a great sense of fulfilment.
However, the opposite can also occur. Couples have drifted apart over the years as raising the children has been the primary focus. When the children leave, they find themselves looking at the other person and discovering that they have very little in common any more. Some couples manage to work through this stage together and come out the other side. For others, they have drifted too far apart and decide to divorce. After divorce, adjusting to living alone can be difficult, particularly when it happens at the same time as the children start leaving home.

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