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Thriving in an empty nest

Bringing up children is often an all-consuming, unselfish phase of life. This is why when our children leave home it can be so hard to readjust and settle into the next phase. Some children stay close, taking more and more…
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Coping with the Curved Ball of Covid-19

Coronavirus has jolted us off-balance and as many of us have never faced a crisis of this nature before, we don’t know how to respond. For many, a sense of security, safety and certainty has disappeared. Don’t give in to…
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8 Affordable Anti-aging Skincare Products for over-50s

A woman’s skin goes through major changes after menopause when estrogen levels dip.  The structure of the skin changes completely and although the top layer becomes thinner, the epidermis becomes more impenetrable. It’s essential to use the right skin products …
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A Visit to Cabrespine in the South of France

Visiting the South of France has been on my bucket list ever since I read Peter Mayle’s “A Year in Provence”.  Little did I know that my sister and her husband would move from South Africa to Cabrespine in France…
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E-readers for over 50s

It appears that many people over 50 have overcome their initial prejudice  about e-books. Many of them already own one or are considering purchasing one. I was one of those who resisted the idea of using an e-reader, despite pressure…
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Facing a gray divorce? You are not alone.

You may not be aware of it but if you are in the throes of a late-life divorce, you are part of what is being called the “grey divorce phenomenon”.  Some of the main reasons for this phenomenon are reflected…
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Living alone does not mean you have to be lonely

You’re not alone if you’re living alone. There are many people in the world today that live alone – some have never married, others are widowed or divorced. In  the United States alone there are approximately 95 million single adults.…
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The denial stage of divorce

Most of us are familiar with the five stages of grief introduced by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. As a psychiatrist who studied terminally ill patients, she was in a unique position to observe and document these stages.  She never meant for these…
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living alone

Living alone after a late-life divorce

With the rise in late-life divorce among baby boomers, many of us are facing living alone in the latter part of our lives, sometimes for the first time ever. Some of us may have gone straight from living with our…
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time passing

Why does time speed up as you get older?

When we pass fifty, we seem to think about the passing of time more than ever before and it feels as though it is speeding by. As children, we may learn the concept of time but it stretches out ahead…
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empty nest in hand

Count your blessings in an empty nest

It may feel as if your life will never be the same after the years of hands-on parenting end. You are right – it won’t ever be the same. It will be quite, quite different. But although it’s different, there…
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divorce growth

A late-life divorce can be a catalyst for growth

No matter what you do, or who you are, getting a divorce after 50 is going to impact you emotionally, financially, socially, and legally.  A new life doesn’t just magically appear for you once the old one has been shattered.…
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How an affair impacts a long-term marriage

An affair can be catastrophic to any relationship. When it happens in a long-term marriage, the consequences can be devastating. I had been married to my husband for decades but I was blind to the signs that he was having…
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The impact of divorce on your physical health

When you are going through a divorce, you may be so traumatized that you stop caring for yourself physically. You may stop exercising, binge on comfort food or neglect to eat, battle to sleep and even resort to drinking too…
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brain health

What a late-life divorce can do to your brain

For most individuals, divorce is a very stressful process – even for a partner who wants the divorce.  Going through a divorce can easily make you feel as though you are losing your mind.  When you are over 50, familiar…
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Why forgiveness matters after a divorce

A divorce is one of those life events that’s a perfect breeding ground for feelings of hurt, guilt, resentment and anger. The natural response to being hurt is to want to hurt back. You want that person who has hurt…
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