10 travel accessories for older travellers looking for comfort

When we were younger, it was fun to sleep on couches or even on an airport bench when travelling. We would cheerfully lug around a heavy backpack from place to place, just so that we could experience new adventures. Travelling does not lose its appeal as we grow older but we are less likely to compromise on comfort and probably more able to afford a few travel accessories that can really make a difference to our comfort levels.

1. Lightweight suitcase

The best travel suitcases for seniors are lightweight and roll easily. You do not want to lug around a large suitcase and put your back out before you travels even begin. It may even be possible to avoid checking in luggage altogether if you learn to pack smartly enough. However, if you’re not flying direct and have to transfer to a connecting flight, checking your bag in is more sensible.

Briggs and Riley suitcase

2. Luggage scale


The LOOP Luggage Scale serves more than one purpose as it includes a portable charger and a LED flashlight.  You can weigh your suitcase before you leave home to see whether you’re under the limit. The scale does not take up much room in your suitcase and the portable charger allows you to charge your mobile device on the go. The LED light is useful when you’re in a dark parking lot or on a dimly light sidewalk.

3. Cross body bag

The strap goes right across the body, thus alleviating any shoulder pain.  It holds all the accessories you need for a day out and the items are easily accessible.  The Piazza Daybag is one that has ample pockets and compartments to keep all your items in place.  This bag is just the right size with secure pockets, a water bottle pouch and a wide soft shoulder strap. It is light in weight when empty and yet it is sturdy too without being bulky when being worn.  It’s big enough for some medium sized electronics and offers easy access with a wide top opening.

Piazza Day Bag

4. Travel money belt

If you look too much like a tourist when travelling, you are far more susceptible to pickpockets and muggers. Important documents must be carried as discreetly as possible. It’s not worth buying a cheap money belt that’s uncomfortable and may break.  It must fit well and be comfortable enough to wear without even thinking about it.  

The best money belts have RFID Block protection that prevents electronic pickpockets from using scanning devices to steal your identity from data chips in your cards and passports.

The Alpha Keeper Money Belt satisfies these requirements. It comes with 7 blocking sleeves and is made with 3 layers of 100% blocking material and high quality, durable, water-resistant nylon.

money belt

5. Medicine organizer

One thing we probably didn’t have to worry about at all as younger travellers was medicine. However, not many of us over 50s can boast that we do not need to take any form of medication, even if it is simply a supplement of some kind. Packing all your pills is easy in the Ezy Dose AM/PM Push Button Pill Planner (XL).  Keep it in your carry-on luggage to ensure it arrives at your destination with you.  This particular pill planner is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation and is a best seller on Amazon with  over 2,500 customer reviews. It’s wise to take along enough medication to last for the whole trip and a few extra days. Tip: Take along a prescription just in case.

Ezy dose pill planner

6. Travel pillow

The Travelrest pillow  is considered one of the best airplane inflatable travel pillows.  Of course your choice of travel pillow will often depend on the way you sleep. As someone who is normally a side-sleeper, this one gives full support to my whole upper body and keeps my head from falling forward.  It helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep.  It is easily inflated and deflated and stores neatly when rolled up. It can also be used in different ways as seen below.

Travelrest pillow

7. Seat cushion

The Aylio coccyx seat cushion has over 10,000 customer reviews and is a best selling product on Amazon. It has far more uses than just being used on a plane as its cut-out leaves your coccyx suspended and it helps to keep your spine properly aligned. It’s lightweight and portable so for someone who suffers from backache, or has coccyx problems, like myself, it is a worthwhile addition to your luggage.

plane seat cushion

8. Compression socks

Deep vein thrombosis or DVT, is a well known risk when it comes to longer flights. This is when blood clots form in deep veins. The risk of this on short flights is minimal, but as travel time increases so does the risk. Tips to avoid this include walking up and down the aisles of the plane once every hour or so, stretching your legs consistently to increase blood flow, wearing loose clothing and drinking plenty of fluids. If your risk of a DVT is higher, your doctor may recommend wearing compression socks as they help to keep the circulation going in your legs and feet. Just make sure that you buy decent quality socks as comfort is key. You want them to be made with moisture wicking material that stays dry. They must not squeeze so tightly that they are unbearable to wear.

compression socks

9. Comfy earphones

Using some types of earphones means you have to lie in the same rigid position all the time.  With AcousticSheep’s SleepPhones, you can fall asleep comfortably while listening to music.  The flat, removable speakers are built into the headband made of soft fleece.  A set of comfy earphones helps you to relax and drowns out the noise made by overly chatty passengers, babies crying or unpleasant aircraft noise.

10. A Kindle

I still love reading real books rather than digital ones but when it comes to travelling, its much easier to take along a Kindle than heavy books. The Kindle is easy on the eyes, you can use a larger text size if you wish, it is glare-free and has a really long battery life. It has also really become much more affordable. I recommend a cheaper, non-colour one like the Paperwhite, one of the best-selling Kindles. It is lighter than a paperback and you can comfortably hold it in one hand. It has a built-in front light so you can read comfortably for hours without eye strain.

Kindle paperwhite

Both your body and your brain will thank you for every small  bit of relief on a long flight. You will arrive at your destination feeling well rested and ready to start enjoying yourself.




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