15 inspirational quotes for Empty Nesters

Here are 15 inspirational quotes for empty nesters to help them let go, move on and embrace the new phase in their lives. Our constant involvement in our children’s lives is what helps us to do our parenting job well when they are small.  However, as they grow older and develop more independence,  we have to start letting go.  Navigating this transition as our children gradually learn independence can be tricky. However,  holding on too tight when they are fully grown is a mistake.  Letting go is essential if we want to maintain healthy relationships with them.

letting go quotequotes for empty nesterswise parentquote Melissa Marr


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Remember that you are exactly where you need to be, so embrace the new phase you are facing. Don’t be afraid to face your fears and lean into the future. I know that I never want to make my children feel guilty for living their own lives. I don’t ever want them to relate to me because they feel that they should.  Life consists of a series of natural changes and if you keep moving forward, you will find freedom and perhaps make discoveries about yourself in the process that may just surprise you.



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