10 small bathroom storage solutions

If you have downsized from a large home with a few bathrooms to an apartment with one small one, you may find it difficult to adjust. There are so many little odds and ends like razors, makeup, hairbrushes and toilet paper. These items are essential but they do create clutter – and nothing makes a small space feel smaller as much as clutter.  The solution is to be as organized as possible – every item must have its own place. Your bathroom can still be your sanctuary where you take long luxurious baths – you just need to be a bit smarter about how you use the space.

Assess the space

The first step is to honestly assess the space. Take some careful measurements such as the one between the toilet and the basin. It helps to make a sketch including these measurements.   As the floor space is limited, assess the walls to see how vertical space can be used. Where can you install shelves? Think about where you will store all your shampoos, hair products etc. Will you be able to utilize the space under your bathroom sink?

Get creative

1. … with shelves

You can buy shelves or you can even make your own If you like a combination of modern and rustic, then you will love this tutorial on how to make your own rustic shelves that can be found at craftsmandrive.com. Floating shelves look great and can be bought inexpensively at most big retailers.
rustic bathroom shelves

2. … with baskets

Attractive baskets on shelves  help to create a calm and pulled together look.

baskets on shelf

3. …. with hooks

Use  stainless steel hooks instead of a towel rack to save space.

towel hook

4. … with space under the bathroom sink

Use an expandable shelf organizer to utilize space under the bathroom sink.

bathroom storage

5. …. with space above the toilet

There are many creative ways to use the space above the toilet. You can even install a cabinet. An idea I love seen on My Fabuless Life  is to install a simple wall shelf and add a patterned basket on top of the toilet which can be used to store magazines, newspapers etc.

stylish basket and shelf

6. … with shower caddies

Use a shower caddy to organize soaps and shampoos. A corner caddy is another option – it always helps to utilize corners in a small space.

shower caddy

corner caddy

7. … with a rolling organizer

A Slimline rolling organizer  two shelves tucks neatly into a small space. Some people prefer drawers but I like the fact that items can be displayed effectively and are easy to access.


8. … with spice racks

Consider using spice racks – they can make a very effective storage solution for toiletries.

spice racks

9. … with a storage ladder

This is another item that is easy to make yourself and doesn’t require any expensive materials. Find a tutorial at charmbraceletdiva. You can paint the ladder any color to match your  design style, and fill it with different types of containers, adding dimension to the space.

storage ladder

10. … with a shelf over the bathroom door

This idea comes from  Martha Stewart. She suggests making space for supplies over the bathroom door so that they’ll be accessible when they need to be replenished.


shelf over bathroom door

There’s no need to despair if you only have one small bathroom – it can still work for you. With creative use of storage, it can be functional, organized and a place where you can unwind after a busy day. Using the right lighting, colors and accessories can also work wonders in a small space.









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