Ellen Grey Corner Desk

5 corner desks for small spaces

When you have lived in a large home for many years and decide to downsize, you may need to adopt some strategies and solutions to help you make the best use of your small space.  There is certainly no reason to compromise on organization and style – a small space can be even more organized and beautiful than a large space. Corner desks work well in small spaces, helping to turn unused corners into functional  areas.

A corner desk is usually designed as a triangular wedge that fits snugly into a corner. If you do plan to use it for work, choose one that has built-in storage, either drawers or shelves, to keep essentials off the surface.  Choose a colour and style to compliment your existing decor and check measurements to make sure that you will be able to sit comfortably.

One Space corner desk

OneSpace Ultramodern Glass L-Shape Desk is a sleek, space-saving design. It has a clean, modern look  with a large tempered glass surface. There is plenty of room for multi-tasking and the glass surface is easy to keep clean. The steel frame makes it very durable.

It has a handy pull-out glass tray that fits any keyboard. A universal CPU stand fits neatly underneath.

Assembly instructions are easy to follow but setting up this desk can take some time and it helps to have someone to assist.

It measures  51 inches wide by 51 inches deep by 29 inches high and comes in black. 


Ellen Grey Corner Desk



The  Ellen corner desk with its clean lines blends easily into contemporary decor. It comes in a neutral grey with a chrome-coloured door knob.

It does not have a very large working surface but it’s certainly big enough for a laptop, a mouse pad and a notebook. Write, pay bills etc. without clutter.  Store office essentials in the drawer and on a lower shelf.

Some assembly is required but it is not difficult. With five solid wooden legs and a high-quality MDF top, it is sturdy and durable.

It measures 42 inches wide x 28 inches deep x 30 inches high.

If you have a laptop and all you want is a working space to write or pay bills, it offers an excellent and reasonably priced solution.



Sauder corner desk

The Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk  in cherry offers great storage and functionality. Step-by-step assembly instructions are given and the pieces are labeled for easy recognition. This is not strictly a corner desk in that it is not a triangular wedge but it still fits neatly into a corner space.

The surface has enough space for a laptop, a modem, a lamp and a mouse and pad. This desk also has plenty of leg room and great storage capacity.

There is a shelf position in the shelves which allows for 3-ring binders both top and bottom (1/4 inch clearance). If you plan to place electronics in the bookcase, the inside airspace is 13 3/4 wide and 11 1/2 deep.



corner desk


The TMS corner desk has five solid wood legs and a veneer table top.

It is a functional little desk with a classic look. A drawer for storage and lower shelves for books and knicknacks make it useful as a work space.

The drawer measures 23.5 inches wide by 12.3 inches deep by 4.3 inches high; the lower shelf measures 7 inches deep, and 12 inches high from floor.

Some assembly is required.

It comes in a choice of finishes, including antique white.






corner desk

L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves  fits perfectly into a corner but provides plenty of work and storage space. The two open bookshelves can be used for binders, books and important papers.

The desk even has two built-in grommets  to organize and manage your cords.

It comes in a dark russet Cherry and its dimensions are 28.31 inches x 53.63 inches x 51.31 inches.

Assembly is easy with clear instructions but does take time. With assistance it takes approximately an hour.

This sturdy, inexpensive desk is very functional and although the table top is fairly narrow, it can still accommodate a laptop, mousepad, table lamp and still give you room to write notes etc.





Corner desks are versatile and do not only have to be used as work stations. Put your imagination to work and see what corners in your home could benefit from one.

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