A healthy home

Our home is the place we usually spend most of our time. We all want our homes to be solidly built to keep us safe and warm. We want them to be dry, well ventilated, clean, free from contaminants and safe to live in.
When my son was five he became very ill. We were living in an old house with wooden floors but did not realize that his illness was related to this. We eventually discovered that he was very allergic to mold. Moisture had seeped in under the old floorboards and when we took one of them up, we discovered plenty of fungus growing underneath. We were forced to move and it wasn’t long before my son recovered completely.
Since then, I have realized just how much our health can be affected by our home environment. Mold, moisture, cigarette smoke, VOCs, and chemicals all add to the mix. We may suffer from headaches, eye, nose and throat irritations, difficulties in breathing and more.
There are many simple ways to make our homes into healthier places.

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