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Honey with lemon: weight loss aid or not?

honey lemon water for weight lossMany people are promoting the benefit of drinking warm water, lemon and honey in the morning on an empty stomach. They believe it boosts the metabolism and promotes weight loss. I wanted to find out for myself if this claim could be substantiated. Honey with lemon: weight loss aid or just another fallacy?

It’s all about the calories

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories (units of energy)  than you consume.  When you eat more calories than you burn through physical activity, you put on weight.  When you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. For honey and lemon to make you lose weight, they would either have to reduce the amount of calories you consume or increase the rate at which you burn calories (your metabolic rate).

A teaspoon of honey contains 21 calories. A teaspoon of granulated table sugar contains 16 calories. 

It stands to reason that if you are looking at calorie content, eating too much honey will negatively affect weight loss. If you eat too much honey and don’t burn off the extra calories, you will gain weight. However, if you have sugar cravings, a small amount of honey may go a long way to satisfy them and has numerous health benefits too, unlike refined sugar that provides ’empty’ calories. (more…)