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Grammarly review for bloggers

Grammar mattersIn writing this Grammarly review for bloggers, I will offer my honest opinion based on my usage of this tool over the past few years.  Many bloggers do not have a whole team of people helping them to proofread and edit their content before they post it. This is where Grammarly can be a valuable tool for them – they are able to eliminate as many spelling and grammatical errors as possible from their content before it reaches the eyes of their readers. No-one is infallible and it is easy for errors to slip through, even if one has great language skills.

Who is it for?

Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn, the founders of Grammarly,  met in 1997 when they attended International Christian University in Kiev.  They launched Grammarly in 2008 and today it is used by millions of writers worldwide.

When the founders first launched Grammarly in 2008,  they thought their target audience would consist of students and language learners.  However, they quickly came to the conclusion that they could reach a far wider range of users.  (more…)