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2breathe review – breathe yourself to sleep

2breathe reviewMany sleeping apps have been developed to address insomnia using music, meditation, hypnosis, sleep-tracking etc. What sets 2breathe apart is that it’s essentially your own breathing that creates the tones used to guide you to sleep.  In this 2breathe review you will find out more about this device and why it works so well.

I  identified the value of breathing exercises to help me fall asleep some time ago. The trouble was that the more I tried to focus on my breathing, the more anxious I became.  2breathe is easy to use and you don’t need to know how to empty your mind or to meditate.  The ancient wisdom of breathing exercises is facilitated by using smart technology.  The device captivates your racing mind, reduces neural sympathetic activity and helps you begin to disassociate from internal and external stimuli. Before you know it, you have drifted off to sleep.