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Large, decorative wall clocks and small rooms

large decorative wall clocksWhen decorating a small room, we often think that we have to keep the wall art small as well. This makes sense to us when we think about proportion and scale. However, having a number of small pieces on a wall makes the eye stop many times, and this tends to make a room appear smaller. Large decorative wall clocks make an impact and offer a less cluttered look.

If you’ve read my post about the TV show, Fixer Upper, you will know that I love Joanna Gaines’ decorating style. One of the elements she uses successfully is very large clocks.  For a while, we have been seeing oversized clocks for sale all over the place – many of which are mass produced fake vintage pieces,  made out of plastic or resin. Others, however, are beautiful pieces of art that do not just serve a time-keeping function.

My aunt gave me a small clock for my 21st birthday, an object of real beauty. I suppose it made such an impression on me because it was my very first valuable decor item. It was a marvel of miniature engineering and it may be a bit battered and worn today but it still stands on my mantelpiece.

I love the sense of history that comes with a clock. Hearing the ticking of a large grandfather clock brings back many childhood memories. Some say clocks are a constant reminder of time passing in a world where they are always in a rush. They would rather not feature them prominently in their homes and they dislike the constant ticking. I find something very reassuring about that measured ticking. The tick of a clock in a room is like a heartbeat to me.

Clocks  have had many incarnations over the years. Few people have grandfather clocks in their modern homes but clocks of many descriptions still feature prominently and they will always be around. (more…)