10 quotes about embracing change to inspire you

Change is unavoidable and occurs as a natural part of life.  Sometimes it takes place gradually but at other times it is more like a tsunami triggered by factors like broken relationships, a tragedy or a new opportunity.  Here are some quotes about embracing change for you to draw on for inspiration:

1. Commit to the process

I recently watched a video of a cicada shedding its skin and it looked very much as though it was doing a bizarre dance. It put its whole body into the process.  When you are facing change, you have to commit to the process. You have to get rid of what’s weighing you down like old routines and habits that do not serve you any more.

Alan Watts quote

2. Allow yourself to dream

Saying you have to plunge into change does not mean going into some frenzied form of activity. Give yourself a chance to process what is happening. Transformation doesn’t happen all at once. Nature shows us this all the time – a caterpillar takes time to transform into a butterfly and a seed takes time to change into a tree.
Sarah ben breanach quote

3. Don’t let your survival instinct take over

A part of the human brain is dedicated to survival and when you face change, it starts crying ‘danger’ and flooding you with adrenaline when you deviate from the beaten path. Remember that this primitive part of your brain will prevent you from taking action, even when the fears are imagined rather than real.
Amelia Earhart quote

4. Don’t listen to the naysayers

People can be so well meaning with their advice but they do not always know what’s right for you. When I was unemployed, everyone encouraged me to find a job (the obvious thing to do) but I wanted to take a chance and try freelance writing for a living. Everyone told me how difficult it would be  but I decided to give it a shot anyway.  You may also find that when you start experiencing the benefits of change in your life, people feel threatened because it tends to put a spotlight on their own fears and resistance.

Ken Hakuta quote

5.Be prepared for messiness

As change is a process, at times it will feel that you are worse off than before.  As you move forward, you will eventually begin to reap the rewards but things may get rather messy before they get better.

Robin Sharma quote

6. Insecurity is part of the process

For a while you are going to have to make friends with some feelings of insecurity. Any change brings with it insecurity as your world starts to shift and old supports give way. However, once you are in motion, you will feel the power of change and it will help to carry you forward.
Alan Cohen quote

7. You have to die to the old you

Change means that you have to let go of the old you. Even if you don’t like the old you much, its still hard to let go. You may feel nostalgia for what you know you have to leave behind.
Anatole France

7. Try out something new

New experiences can be terrifying but elating at the same time. You may just discover something about yourself that you didn’t know before. Maybe you have more courage than you thought possible.  It’s normal to feel anxious when attempting something new – it does not mean you are doing anything wrong.

Oliver Wendall Holmes jnr. quote

8.  Hatch or go bad

Ultimately, change is not a choice – it happens whether you like it or not.  If you resist it and keep trying to cling to the past,  you may just miss an opportunity to fly.
C.S. Lewis quote

9.  Let things flow naturally forward

Don’t try to force change. It does involve discomfort as you move out of your comfort zones but this is different from trying to force it. Tap into the natural flow of change that’s a part of life and it will become less difficult.

Lao tsu quote

10.  To grow we have to change

To grow as a person and unleash your full potential, you have to change. This means that you have to leave behind your comfort zones and venture out into unknown territory, ask new questions and challenge yourself.

Gail Sheehy quote


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