small home decor ideas

10 small home decorating ideas

Just because you are downsizing your home does not mean you have to sacrifice on style.  In fact, it is easier to decorate a smaller home (less quantity so more quality!)  and style will always win out over mere size.  There are many ways to  utilize space effectively,  but decorating a small home is not just about utilizing space. Here are 10 small home decorating ideas.

Splurge on a few special items

sofa for small roomInvesting in one or two timeless pieces is well worth the cost (think a rug, a sofa, a painting). Most designers will tell you that if you are going to splurge on one item, then it should be the sofa.  The spaces where you spend the most time are places where you want your purchases to last and a sofa and a bed get a lot of use so it worth spending a bit more on them. Remember to choose a fabric you won’t grow tired of because a quality sofa will last for years.

Keep it classic

sisal rugWalls and furnishings such as flooring (carpets, tiles or laminate wood), sofas and rugs in warm hues of beige, cream or white will make your home look and feel clutter-free, and spacious. Underplaying the color by having a few furniture pieces in the same color palette as the walls, helps to visually enlarge the space.  You can make use of accessories and art in bold colours to enhance the look and to allow the neutral base to stand out.

Create an illusion of space

It’s funny how the eyes are deceived by certain tricks. The bigger the rug or sofa in the lounge, the bigger the room looks. The higher the curtains hang, the higher the ceilings feel.  In a small space, a large mirror creates a visual illusion. It bounces the light around the room and makes any space seem larger and brighter.

Add layers

throw for chairLayers create interest, texture and depth –  a beautiful throw on a sofa; magazines and candles decorating a coffee table; a kelim on a wooden floor.  Rugs, window treatments, cushions, accessories, natural elements and treasured books all give a room a personal touch.  Flowers from your garden, a piece of driftwood and other natural elements help to make a room come alive.  When a room does not have layers of variation in textures it can feel flat and one dimensional, even if it is filled with the most expensive accessories.

Focus on lighting

floor lampNothing can make or break the effect of a room as much as the lighting.  Invest in a gorgeous light fixture that gives off the right amount of light and add a dimmer switch. The right lighting can make anything look expensive and luxurious. It will set the mood and the tone for everything else. Lighting can even be used to demarcate areas in an open-plan living and dining room by having  a standing light against the wall between the two areas.

The right artwork

artwork for small roomOne accessory that can transform a small space is an artwork. Bear these points in mind when making a choice:
–  evaluate your style: what are you attracted to? Oil paintings, illustrations, photographs, abstract art?
– the artwork should compliment the  style of the room: oil paintings and photographs look good in classic interiors and abstract art in more modern interiors.
– Browsing around flea markets is a great way to pick up a bargain. Affordable artwork is also easy to buy online. Frames are important and an artwork must be framed in a way that compliments it rather than distracting from it.

A touch of black

bowl planterThis trick is not well-known but you will find that it works! Whether your design style is country or contemporary – every design style can do with a little black.  Why? Black adds character, depth and focus.  It can be as simple as photographs in black wooden frames … it doesn’t matter as long as you include it. It creates contrast and drama without clashing. It does have to be used with restraint as using too much takes away from the power of the contrast. This white planter bowl  would not be the same without the contrasting black legs.

Go up, not wide

When floor space is limited, you need to think about going up, not wide. A ladder shelf can help display items attractively and utilize space that otherwise would not be used. Kitchen cabinets or cupboards that extend to the ceiling, shelves that reach the roof and floor to ceiling mirrors all add extra height.

Don’t play it too safe!

coconut bowlRemember that just because you own a small house, it does not have to be bland and boring.  Be brave enough to incorporate some pops of color in your accessories like this bright coconut bowl.

Boldly patterned soft furnishings like throw pillows help to enhance neutrals.

Multi-purpose options

ottomon cubeOne room can serve different purposes if the right furniture is selected. A long sofa or one that converts into a bed provides seating and can also provide extra sleeping space.
An  ottomon can be used as a side table, a foot stool or flexible seating and its an bonus if you can store items inside it.

If you have a specific design in mind with a few key pieces that would really compliment it, go ahead and don’t be afraid to purchase them. Building your design around some key items you love will help to give your small home cohesion and style.



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