5 simple actions to improve your day

Some little actions on a daily basis go a long way towards improving your day. Before you know it, they will become daily habits:glass water with lemon

  • Drink a glass of warm water with lemon and wait about 15 minutes before eating breakfast. Your body will thank you because lemons are loaded with nutrients. Just some of the benefits are helping you to lose weight, cleanse your body, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. The smell of citrus makes you feel good too as it releases endorphins.
  • When you wake up, think of one small reason to be grateful. Keep a little book for this purpose and write it down. Your list will grow every day and you will soon start thinking about how much you have instead of how much you have lost.
  • Identify one small task that needs to be done. This may be cleaning out a kitchen cupboard, writing an email or weeding a patch of lawn. When you have completed your task for the day, you have the satisfaction of ticking it off your list. The sense of achievement you get is ridiculous in proportion to how long the task takes. Yocleaning cabinetu will be amazed at how much can be accomplished in this way.
  • Stop equating exercise with going to the gym and get your exercise doing your housework or errands. You can even dance around your own living room as there is no-one else around to make you feel self-conscious. Start small and go for a walk around the block rather than not exercising at all.  Try to work up a sweat as this will release those ‘feel good’ chemicals in your brain.

  • Make contact with one other person. If you live alone, contact with other human beings is vital.  You have to put in some effort to reach out to others in small ways, even if it is a telephone call or an email.  You will see how even the smallest ways of reaching out bring their rewards. Since my divorce, I have forced myself to accept any invitations from friends that come my way. I go out just about every Saturday mornings to eat breakfast with friends at one of the local wine farms. Another favorite outing is having a hot stone massage at a local spa.
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