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Finding and learning about ways to create income over the age of 50

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Going back to work at 60

Older people are staying in their jobs for longer or even returning to work after having retired. The reasons for this are many – one of which is what demographers are calling the grey tsunami. As life expectancy increases and…
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How to check keyword ranking in Google

Writing a blog without using targeted keywords is like trying to kick a ball between the goalpost without taking aim.  Keywords are the words that searchers type into search engines to find information. The general idea is to use keywords…
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How to write a blog post: the 10 basic steps

Bloggers can get so carried away trying to outdo the competition that they forget about the basics. You can be as creative as possible but why ignore principles that are proven to work. 1. Hook them with your headline Your…
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How to start a copywriting business

Copywriters are more in demand today than ever before. A copywriter, in the simplest terms, is someone who can write persuasively. Companies need the skills of copywriters to present their products and services to clients in such a way that…
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10 questions to ask yourself before starting a blog

Blogging is subjective and every potential blogger asks different questions. It is also personal and every blogger would probably give different answers to the questions asked. Thinking about what you want to blog about and why you want to do…
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start a business at 60

Start a business at 60

Is youth the secret to success when it comes to being an entrepreneur? The truth is that entrepreneurial drive probably depends more on your personality than your age. In fact age offers the advantage of experience that often outweighs youthful…
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better writer

How to become a better writer

When I began writing for a living,  I had an issue that hampered my progress.  Time and time again, my mindset held me back. So, what was this mindset that was so destructive? My own self-doubt.  I felt that I…
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Grammarly review for bloggers

In writing this Grammarly review for bloggers, I will offer my honest opinion based on my usage of this tool over the past few years.  Many bloggers do not have a whole team of people helping them to proofread and…
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blogging tools and resources for beginners

Blogging tools and resources for beginners

When you first start building a website, the amount of information available can be very intimidating. You may be persuaded by excellent marketers that you need to purchase all kinds of tools and resources that are not really necessary. When…
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What is an affiliate marketing website?

What is an affiliate marketing website and how does it work?  There are several parties involved in the process – merchants who sell products, affiliate marketers who promote these products, and customers who buy the products. There are also some…
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Canva: graphic design made simple

When it comes to designing graphics for your website or for posting on social media, you may find yourself at a loss.  Photoshop or Indesign are great for graphic designers but not all of us have access to these programs…
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Are you struggling to succeed at online marketing?

If you are struggling to succeed at online marketing, here is a list of ten points for you to think about in 2016. You may already be applying some of these strategies and principles successfully. Others, such as your SEO strategies, need to…
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