10 Christmas gift ideas for your young adult children

Christmas is approaching fast and you may be having some difficulty deciding what to buy for your young adult children. It’s not quite as easy as choosing gifts for kiddies. A good bet is to choose a gift that’s both practical and stylish. Here are some good options your young adult children will love.

Lunch bag kit
This lunch packing bag is a stylish and practical option for your daughter. It is insulated and contains a matching shaker bottle and two re-usable containers.
Case for iPhone Xs and X
The clear, sleek stylish design of this case for an iPhone Xs or iPhone X offers awesome protection. Your son or daughter will  find easy to install and remove. 
The latest technology is always a winner with your adult son. This 3rd generation Echo Dot is a new and improved smart speaker.  He will be able to to voice control his music by streaming songs through the speaker and much more. 
Dual Jet Bath Spa
With the dual jet bath spa, your daughter can easily transform her bath into a luxury spa experience.
Jewelry holding tree stand
Your daughter will appreciate this Orchid-inspired gun-mental jewelry holder with a leaf-shaped base to hold her rings. 
Wireless, durable headphones in satin silver that fold up are a stylish, practical gift your son or daughter will appreciate.  These headphones have up to 40 hours of battery life. 
Your son or daughter will enjoy lounging on the bed with this tablet holder. It fits just about any tablet and holds it at a suitable position for hands-free viewing.  
Help your son or daughter to win the daily battle with the snooze button. This alarm is only deactivated feet are placed on the rug.  
Air fryer
If you’re worried your adult son is eating too much fried food, buy him this hot air fryer that uses little to no oil. He can make chicken, fries and other food he enjoys in a healthy way. 

Your son or daughter can entertain friends by creating crushed ice slushees with soda, or enjoy making cocktails like pina coladas.  The two shaving settings offer coarse or finely shaved ice, while the stirring paddle effortlessly mixes crushed ice for a delicious drink. 
Christmas gifts for young adult children

5 practical gift ideas for elderly parents

gift ideas for elderly parents

It is often difficult to come up with gift ideas for elderly parents who have accumulated many possessions over the years and are more keen on getting rid of stuff than accumulating more.  What do you give to those who think they have all they need or want?

Stay ‘in the loop’

My elderly mother has a computer but finds anything more than basic emailing overwhelming – and she is one of the few in her retirement village who even owns a computer. The elderly can easily become depressed or anxious, especially when they feel isolated and ‘out of the loop’. I’ve seen this happen at times to my mother as all three of my siblings and their children live in other countries. She wants up to date photos of her grandchildren but she can’t print them out. She also finds social media upsetting and confusing.

Presto Printing MailboxThe Presto Printing Mailbox, an email printing service, is great for the elderly who do not have or want to use computers. It is plugged into a phone outlet (it has to be an analog line) and automatically retrieves messages via the phone line and prints them out as easy-to-read e-letters with any photos or other attachments.

The account can be managed by a relative who sets up a list of email addresses that are allowed to send email to the Presto account, thus eliminating spam and phishing emails. Installation involves plugging in the phone line and power cord, installing the cartridge and putting in the paper. The receiver does not have to learn how to do anything as the sender simply sends the email, photos and other documents to the Presto-provided email address and it prints out automatically.

The costs involved are purchasing the HP Printing Mailbox and paying a monthly subscription.  The only other expenses are replacing the paper and the printer cartridge.

Family and friends can send their parents not only emails with photos but interesting articles and even crossword puzzles. This can make a huge difference in the life of a computer-challenged elderly person. 

In the lightlumisource touch lamp

Arthritis makes limited mobility in the hands a common complaint of old age. A touch on, touch off lamp is easier to use than having to search for a switch to operate a lamp.

The LumiSource touch lamp can be  turned on by simply touching anywhere on its metal body. Touch it again to adjust brightness from low to medium to high. The cone-shaped shade of frosted glass help to diffuse the light and direct it downward. This lamp can be used on a bedside table, in a study or a living room.  It’s not just practical but more elegant than many of the other lamps of this kind.

Cooking safely

A portable induction cooktop is a practical gift for an older person. Induction cooking is very safe as there is no direct heating of the surface.  When a piece of magnetic material, such as a cast-iron skillet, is placed in the magnetic field generated by the element, the field transfers energy into that metal. The transferred energy causes the cooking pot to become hot.  As soon as the cookware is removed, the molecular activity stops and the surface cools rapidly. As it heats up and cools faster than traditional gas or electric cookers, it is more energy efficient.

The cooktop can be plugged into any standard household outlet and in situations in which a hotplate could be dangerous, an induction plate is a much safer and more sophisticated option.  Spilled food does not burn as only the pot gets hot so it is easy to clean.  A good induction cooktop offers a range of cooking temperatures and can be easily programmed. It also includes an automatic shutoff function when cooking is completed, a real advantage for an elderly person whose memory may not be as good as it used to be.

Relieve aching muscles

An electric pillow massager is a great gift for someone who experiences aches and pains on a daily basis. The Shiatsu massager has four deep-kneading nodes that will work on knots, aches and muscle tension.  A heating function gives further relief, enhancing blood circulation.

The ergonomic design of this massager means it contours perfectly around lower and upper-back, neck, abdomen, thigh and calf  areas.  Adjustable straps allow it to be strapped to a favourite chair or even a car seat.  All the user has to do is sit back, switch it on and enjoy the relief it brings. The pillow massager is sturdy and powerful but lightweight and sleek too. When used regularly, it can really loosen up stiff muscles.

The device is equipped with an overheat protection device and programmed with 20-minute auto shut-off. Neither your elderly parent or the device itself will suffer harm from overheating.

Find those keys

key ringerThe Keyringer Key Finder is an excellent and reasonably priced gift idea – and not just for elderly grandparents!  This product is great for locating keys that are hidden in plain sight such as under a couch cushion or under a car seat.

The key finder comes complete with lithium batteries, key chain links, and double-sided adhesive strips. The battery usually lasts as long as 18 months and is easy to replace. When the battery is low, the KeyRinger will beep and flash.  It is a  very durable product, made of the same material used in bullet-proof windows. It also has a corrosion resistant gold plated circuit board.

Two KeyRingers are included and they are ready to use right out of the package – no setup or programming required. There is also a full 90 day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee and a two year warranty.

Simple Homemade Gifts

If your budget does not stretch as far as giving one of the above gifts, never underestimate the ability of homemade gifts to gladden the heart of an elderly person. Quite often it’s not about the gift at all but the sentiment that matters. Even a tin of homemade cookies or a wicker basket filled with snacks is often much appreciated. Here are some other simple, cost-effective ideas that can bring joy:

  • A framed print of a grandchild’s artwork
  • Knitted gloves and a scarf
  • Bottle of homemade jam
  • Custom gift basket filled with lotions and other beauty care products or gourmet snacks
  • A cozy blanket or throw

Do you have any great gift ideas for elderly parents? Share your comments below.



Unique gifts for adult children


When your children are small, buying gifts is easy. Every toy store is overflowing with all kinds of items that would make them happy. Looking for unique gifts for adult children is harder. I like to think about what would help them with their daily life, give them some enjoyment or contribute in some way towards their future. I also like to take their character into consideration – no-one knows your children as well as you do and this should help you when you select gifts for them.

Sometimes you will end up buying them items that that may not even cost much or that no-one but you would know they would appreciate.  Giving your adult son or daughter a worthwhile gift isn’t so about how much you spend or how trendy it is – it’s more about coming up with something that you know they want and it helps if it reminds them of how much you love and understand them!

(This post  contains affiliate links and I make some commission. It does not cost you more to buy through my links)

In this post, I share some ideas gathered from buying gifts for my own young adult son and daughter as well as from friends with kids of the same age.  I hope you find an idea to help you select a gift they will truly appreciate.

5 gifts for a young adult daughter

Social media fundi

Anker astro My daughter is always on the go and recharging her tablet or smartphone is an issue at times. The Anker Astro E1 Ultra Compact Portable Charger is  great for camping trips or flights and will make sure that she’s never ‘disconnected’. It has a high capacity, adding almost two full charges to an iPhone 7 or 6s or at least one full charge to other smartphones. It even adds an 80% charge to an iPad mini. Another plus is that it’s the size of a candy bar and can fit perfectly in a pocket.

Coffee addict

Single serve coffee brewerHamilton Beach single serve coffee brewer and full pot coffee maker
My daughter was over the moon when she received the gift of the coffee maker recently.  She loves her coffee! You can’t go wrong with this one, a best seller on Amazon, that has two ways to brew – a single cup or a full pot. One of the nice features about this affordable coffee maker is that it has a built-in programmable clock and timer – your daughter can brew in advance and wake up to the smell of hot coffee!

Lover of delicate, handmade jewellery

necklacesWhat my daughter loves about these two necklaces is that they are handmade, delicate, versatile and modern. The initial necklace and the hammered bar necklace can be worn together,  on their own or mixed and matched with other items. They are available in Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold and are a timeless gift.

Drama Student

My daughter studied drama at school and she loves nothing better than to see a live show. I know that I will always score a hit if I get her tickets to a live performance, especially if I buy two tickets so she can take a friend along with her. A special outing we have planned in the future is to attend a production of Phantom of the Opera together. One of our special mother and daughter times was watching the movie together – we did it over and over again through the years when she was a teenager and it’s become ‘our thing’.

Cuddle bunny

onesieI think that onesie’s are awful and I would most certainly never wear one but my daughter disagrees. She has always loved the feeling of soft, cuddly fabrics. This Forever Lazy  Onesie  has a relaxed fit that will keep your daughter comfortable in any position she chooses to lounge around in. It also has a hoodie to keep her head warm. Another advantage is that it has a drop seat back. She can use the restroom without removing the whole garment – an absolute must if she wants to spend a whole day just lounging around!

 5 Gifts for a young, adult son


multi-purpose canvas backpackA multi-purpose canvas backpack is the ideal gift for an adult son. This large Vintage Canvas Backpack  can be used as a backpack/rucksack or satchel. It has a detachable shoulder strap that turns it easily from a backpack into a shoulder bag. It’s useful and spacious with many pockets, including a large main compartment with pouches and a padded divider. It’s suitable for carrying a tablet or smaller laptop.

Game geek

King of TokyoIt’s so interesting to me that my adult son, who is in love with online gaming, also enjoys playing board games. It says something for the new generation of board games coming out now. He recently bought a game called King of Tokyo. . This game is for 2 to 6 players and we had a very entertaining afternoon playing together with his sister and her boyfriendI I must say it took a while for me to get into the idea of mutant monsters, robots and aliens all battling it out but once I did it was fun. You roll a dice and choose to attack enemies, heal wounds and even allow your monster to evolve.  I can see why it has such appeal as it is not a boringly, repetitive game and requires some careful strategizing.

Fitness Fanatic

Garmin Fitbit Vivofit BandThe Garmin Vivofit Fitbit Band displays calories, distance, step count and time. It has a move reminder and a goal tracker. It can be worn 24/7 and is stylish and comfortable. It can stay on for more than a year without having to change the battery and it is water-resistant.

Superhero fan

Batman logo folded art bookI know this one comes a little out of left field but my son loves to collect quirky items, especially if they have anything to do with super heroes.  This creative Batman fan folded art book  is made by intricately folding back the pages of a hardback book.

Card collector

genuine leather wallet

If your adult son is anything like mine, he would appreciate a genuine leather wallet with plenty of options for storage.  My son has so many cards, whether it’s for gym membership or getting into movies. This wallet has plenty of space for all those cards, helping to keep them well organized.

Last word

I have heard of parents who take over car payments for their adult children, put down deposits on flats and pay for holidays – if they can afford to do so, these are wonderful ideas. However, many parents do not have the means for a gift like that.  The above gifts are affordable gifts and will be appreciated by your young, adult son or daughter for their practical value, just because they’re fun or because they have special meaning. What unique ideas do you have for gifts for your adult children? I would love to hear your comments.