10 Christmas gift ideas for your young adult children

Christmas is approaching fast and you may be having some difficulty deciding what to buy for your young adult children. It’s not quite as easy as choosing gifts for kiddies. A good bet is to choose a gift that’s both practical and stylish. Here are some good options your young adult children will love.

Lunch bag kit
This lunch packing bag is a stylish and practical option for your daughter. It is insulated and contains a matching shaker bottle and two re-usable containers.
Case for iPhone Xs and X
The clear, sleek stylish design of this case for an iPhone Xs or iPhone X offers awesome protection. Your son or daughter will  find easy to install and remove. 
The latest technology is always a winner with your adult son. This 3rd generation Echo Dot is a new and improved smart speaker.  He will be able to to voice control his music by streaming songs through the speaker and much more. 
Dual Jet Bath Spa
With the dual jet bath spa, your daughter can easily transform her bath into a luxury spa experience.
Jewelry holding tree stand
Your daughter will appreciate this Orchid-inspired gun-mental jewelry holder with a leaf-shaped base to hold her rings. 
Wireless, durable headphones in satin silver that fold up are a stylish, practical gift your son or daughter will appreciate.  These headphones have up to 40 hours of battery life. 
Your son or daughter will enjoy lounging on the bed with this tablet holder. It fits just about any tablet and holds it at a suitable position for hands-free viewing.  
Help your son or daughter to win the daily battle with the snooze button. This alarm is only deactivated feet are placed on the rug.  
Air fryer
If you’re worried your adult son is eating too much fried food, buy him this hot air fryer that uses little to no oil. He can make chicken, fries and other food he enjoys in a healthy way. 

Your son or daughter can entertain friends by creating crushed ice slushees with soda, or enjoy making cocktails like pina coladas.  The two shaving settings offer coarse or finely shaved ice, while the stirring paddle effortlessly mixes crushed ice for a delicious drink. 
Christmas gifts for young adult children

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