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A behind-the-scenes look at making a gallery wall

cracks in gallery wallI have not been entirely honest about my attempts at making a gallery wall and I have decided to come clean. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at what really happened:

Bright idea number 1 – I decided not to use nails. I had read about how people use double-sided tape to hang their images. Wikihow even has a post where they show you exactly how to do this and I am sure that if you pay attention to the details, including the weight suggestions, you will be successful. I thought about all the nail holes in my walls and decided tape was a brilliant idea. I bought the toughest, thickest double-sided tape I could find.
Bright idea number 2 – I thought I would save time and effort by taking a huge piece of plastic, draping it over the pictures I had already arranged on the floor and taping it down on both sides. I would avoid cutting out a whole lot of separate pieces.

A great tip! I wish I had found the following tip before I started – take a large piece of butcher paper, arrange the pictures on top of it and trace round the frames. Remove the frames, mark how far down the nails should be and then tape the paper to the wall. Hammer the nails in through the paper, take it down and hang the frames – no measuring, no pencil marks and perfect results. Brilliant!  I will definitely try this one if I ever have the guts to attempt a gallery wall again because my version did not work at all. The plastic kept coming loose as I battled to make the cuts. (more…)

Photo gallery wall ideas

 my gallery wall3

I am obsessed with gallery walls – whether they consist of photos, paintings, drawings or an eclectic mix of items. I have been collecting bits and pieces over the years but the final step of assembling them is the part that intimidates me. Photo gallery wall ideas abound on Pinterest and they all look so enticing. I drool over them but the problem comes in the execution. I tend to go at my DIY rather haphazardly, you see – either I am missing the right tools or I take short cuts to save time. I know most of the rules but I just don’t seem to have the patience to measure, plan, and carefully go about hanging in an organized way. Instead, I improvise and it’s a family joke that I use a meat tenderizer to bang in my nails instead of a hammer. My tendency to take short cuts shows in my results and all the walls in my house are pockmarked with nail holes from failed past experiments.