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Parenting adult children, hatchlings and vulnerability

A rare green albino turtle was recently found on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Volunteers thought the nest was empty but when they examined it, they were surprised to find a tiny white hatchling. Members of a local environmental volunteer group had already counted 122 broken eggs, so its siblings had already made it into the ocean. The volunteer group’s president, L. Warneminde, said. “It looked like a normal turtle hatchling, except that it had a white shell and it had little white flippers, and you could see a little bit of pink under its flippers. None of us had ever experienced or seen anything like that before, so we were all a little bit taken aback.” With its coloring, this little one is extremely vulnerable. It has a very slim chance of surviving the dangerous journey ahead of it across the Pacific ocean. In parenting adult children, we may often feel that they are just as vulnerable as this little hatchling and fear the obstacles they might have to encounter on their journey.