divorce growth

A late-life divorce can be a catalyst for growth

No matter what you do, or who you are, getting a divorce after 50 is going to impact you emotionally, financially, socially, and legally.  A new life doesn’t just magically appear for you once the old one has been shattered.…
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art therapy

Using art to express your grief

When you are experiencing extreme emotions, art gives you a way of venting in a safe way. No matter how disturbing the art you create, it’s much healthier to express these emotions than bottling them up inside. Expressing and transforming…
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Don’t live your whole life on autopilot

Humans are creatures of habit. Much of our day-to-day life is repetitive. We all know that feeling of getting into the car and arriving at work without being able to recount the exact details of the journey. When we repeat…
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What is self-pity and why is it addictive?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines self-pity as “a self-indulgent dwelling on your own sorrows or misfortunes”.   Here are some of the reasons why self-pity is so destructive: It is addictive. You want people to feel sorry for you. It becomes a…
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living alone

How to be happy living alone

When you discover how to be happy living alone, it can be immensely liberating. If you live alone because you have no other option, you can choose to delight in the many advantages or you can bemoan your fate. Many…
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15 inspirational quotes for Empty Nesters

Here are 15 inspirational quotes for empty nesters to help them let go, move on and embrace the new phase in their lives. Our constant involvement in our children’s lives is what helps us to do our parenting job well…
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lotus flower

What to do when you feel lost

When we are feeling lost, it is hard to believe that we will ever find our way again. But, it is that very feeling of being lost that is part of the process of self-discovery. As Henry David Thoreau said…
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Bridging the chasm between head and heart

Last weekend my whole family sat around the table together for the first time in a long time. It was too much like old times for me and after everyone left I felt depressed. Here I was urging others to…
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When you’re missing your children ….

  REALIZE that it is something that affects most parents when one or more of the children leave home. RECOGNISE that it often occurs at the same time as other life changes such as menopause, ill-health and retirement. There may…
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5 simple actions to improve your day

Some little actions on a daily basis go a long way towards improving your day. Before you know it, they will become daily habits: Drink a glass of warm water with lemon and wait about 15 minutes before eating breakfast.…
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