jet lag

The best ways to deal with jet lag

The world is divided into different time zones and when you fly to a new time zone, your body may experience a range of symptoms called jet lag.  This happens because your body is naturally programmed to do a number…
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A trip down the garden route in South Africa

The garden route  is a must-see for any visitor to South Africa. Lakes, lagoons and long, white beaches are dotted along the route and from Wilderness to Knysna, indigenous forests offer a different kind of allure. When my sister planned…
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Celebrate your life with an ’emptynestcation’

A survey commissioned by British Airways and conducted by Censuswide recently found that travel habits of parents change when their children leave home. One trend was for them to travel further afield, trying out new destinations. The survey also revealed…
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Suitcase packing tips and tricks

Buying a lightweight suitcase usually makes great sense until you try to pack. Then reality hits and you realize it takes some skill to pack in a limited space. For those of us who remember lugging around huge, unwieldy suitcases…
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The best travel suitcases for seniors

If you are over 50 with time on your hands, good health and some disposable income, you are likely to want to travel. One of the most important decisions you have to make is about what luggage to choose. Make…
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Singles Holidays: over 50 and ready to travel

Many empty nesters take the opportunity to travel once their children have left home.  They are healthy, have some disposable income and want to enjoy life while they can. Some of them have even sold their homes and all their…
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Venturing out – short trip ideas

One of the advantages of having an empty nest is being able to travel. Some people go for broke, selling their homes and traveling all over the world. Others, like me, are not able to go too far afield for…
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