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Spiritual help and growth when you are suffering

flower in desert

A way in the wilderness

This desert road seems endless, Lord but in Your mercy You reminded me “I will make you a way in the wilderness, a river in the desert.” I was sitting in the veld Dry, arid, filled with rocks, sun beating…
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My father and his journey of faith

Nothing prepares you for the sense of loss you feel when a parent dies. I was devastated when my father, Ryall John Erfmann,  died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 77. My parents were on their way…
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My 5 favorite Bible verses for fear

Violence, crime, terrorism, unemployment, economic uncertainty, disease – we have an endless list of potential reasons to be fearful. However, we cannot spend our lives controlled by fear.  One of our deepest fears often relates to our families and our…
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10 Bible verses for depression

If you are looking for Bible verses for depression, there are many to be found. I have selected just 10 verses that were  helpful to me when I was suffering from depression. Many great men and women, including those found…
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