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Thriving in an empty nest

Bringing up children is often an all-consuming, unselfish phase of life. This is why when our children leave home it can be so hard to readjust and settle into the next phase. Some children stay close, taking more and more frequent trips out of the nest, making it somewhat easier for their parents to adjust.  For other parents it is a swift severing as their children leave for distant shores.

At home in our empty nests, we go through mixed emotions – there is some pining and at the same time, we enjoy our quiet, orderly space and new opportunities.  I have discovered that my empty nest is full of surprises – sometimes I am ambushed by sorrow and at other times I revel in my newfound spontaneity and flexibility.

Learning how to let go and move on is essential if we are to make the most of the empty nest phase. On this website I offer ways to help with the transition, gleaned from my own experience.  Changes are never easy but I believe that if we flow with the rhythm of those changes in our life instead of resisting them, we are able to reap the benefits.

I am also passionate about living the best life possible as we start to age. This means caring for our bodies, our minds and our spirits. It also means that we never stop learning and continue to stay productive. I believe that rather than succumbing to the prospect of going downhill after the age of 50,  our attitude can make a huge difference. A simple shift in attitude can make the second phase of our lives one of the most meaningful and fulfilling phases.

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