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vinegar for household cleaning

The versatility of white vinegar in the home

If you’re looking for greener ways to clean your home, you cannot afford to overlook the versatility of white vinegar. The acetic acid content of white vinegar makes it anti-bacterial, so it’s an important part of a green cleaning routine.…
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Layering lighting in small spaces

People have many reasons for choosing to live in a small space. Empty nesters, for example, often make the decision to downsize when their children leave home. The challenge is to live in a smaller space as effectively as possible…
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10 small bathroom storage solutions

If you have downsized from a large home with a few bathrooms to an apartment with one small one, you may find it difficult to adjust. There are so many little odds and ends like razors, makeup, hairbrushes and toilet…
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energy-efficient home

Small, modern, energy-efficient homes

The trend towards smaller, greener homes is growing. Downsizing and creating an eco-friendly home is probably not as difficult as you imagine. You may think that it will take up too much time, energy and money. You may imagine that…
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house fly

How to get rid of flies in the house

Flies seem to buzz around our kitchens all summer long. They are attracted by smells coming from items such as leftovers, rotting fruit and open food containers. When they sit on open food they leave bacteria behind that can transmit…
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small home decor ideas

10 small home decorating ideas

Just because you are downsizing your home does not mean you have to sacrifice on style.  In fact, it is easier to decorate a smaller home (less quantity so more quality!)  and style will always win out over mere size. …
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homemade cleaning products

6 Homemade cleaning products that work

Many common household products contain ingredients that can affect your health. In small amounts these ingredients may not cause problems but the risks come when you are exposed over time and in combinations that have not yet been studied. The…
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garden ideas for small spaces

5 garden ideas for a small space

One of the fears people have when downsizing their home is that they will miss their large gardens. Moving to an apartment or a home with a small patch of garden can be quite an adjustment. However, there are many…
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Ellen Grey Corner Desk

5 corner desks for small spaces

When you have lived in a large home for many years and decide to downsize, you may need to adopt some strategies and solutions to help you make the best use of your small space.  There is certainly no reason…
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My Fixer Upper TV show addiction

I have watched many a fixer upper TV show over the years but HGTV’s show,  Fixer Upper, hosted by Chip and Joanna Gaines is one of my favorites. This down-to-earth couple lives in Waco, Texas with their four children, Drake,…
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Humble houseplants that filter air

We know the value of bringing plants into a home to add color and life. What we may not realize is how important it is to choose houseplants that filter air. Apart from being attractive and helping to bring a…
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How to downsize your home: 20 helpful tips

When you have finally made the decision to downsize your home, it may be daunting to face the prospect of preparing for the move. Some couples have accumulated possessions over many years and they do not know where to begin.…
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A behind-the-scenes look at making a gallery wall

I have not been entirely honest about my attempts at making a gallery wall and I have decided to come clean. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at what really happened: Bright idea number 1 – I decided not to use nails. I had read about how…
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Photo gallery wall ideas

  I am obsessed with gallery walls – whether they consist of photos, paintings, drawings or an eclectic mix of items. I have been collecting bits and pieces over the years but the final step of assembling them is the…
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Tips on decluttering your home

Here are some tips on decluttering your home that helped me when I was feeling overwhelmed by all my junk. I have accumulated stuff over a period of 32 years and now that I am living alone, I am facing…
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